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Client Testimonials

I broke my left front tooth in 1987, and immediately had it crowned. I had no problem for the first 10 years or so, then it started to fall off more and more often, sometimes even twice in a month. The implant process took a little longer than I originally thought, but it did not require that many doctor visits and I could still go to oversea business trips in between, and the temporary fake tooth looked good enough. I do not recall any major inconvenience or pain during the process. Once it was done, I was so glad that I did it. I can eat anything without any fear, and almost no special maintenance other than regular brushing. And it still remains that way.
- Josh

Great Service. Excellent dentists and team. Very honest and caring. I recommend them to all
- Daniel

I went to Dr. Lin to consult about the problem tooth I had for years. The specialist and my former dentist recommended root canal treatment and gum surgery, and a crown for treatment. Dr. Lin gave me another option of extracting my tooth and replaces it with an implant tooth .He explained to me the pro and cons of each options, and I decided to go with the implant. The implant tooth cost me about the same as the previous option I had. I'm so glad I chose the implant as my choice, I have not had any problem since. I'm enjoying eating again. I thought I was too old to do implant, but Dr.Lin assured me that as long as I'm in good health I could be a candidate for implant. He was right, and I thank him for it.
- Yue Ling

My teeth always feel clean afterwards! my hygienist does a great job - extremely thorough in getting the stains and plaque off.

I have gone here so much they know me by name, I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. What I do know is that they genuinely care, and will work with you.
- S.B

I had a toothache that was bothering me and I was referred to Dr. Lin by my family member. When he was treating my cavity, it turned out that cavity was too deep and after I gave him the approval to do the root canal, he and his assistant quickly changed the procedure and completed root canal without any problems. Dr. Lin is a kind and competent dentist, hence I highly recommend him to anyone.
- Sam

I have been doing my teeth cleaning with them for two years, very happy with them. I have also done tooth extraction & implantation. The price is very good and the service is very professional.
- Tony

My name is Qi Wang and about 3 years ago my dentist suggested that I get a tooth implant performed. In the past 3 years, I did a lot of research, looking for a good implant specialist. Dr. Lin was recommended by my co-worker. From the very first consultation I was really impressed by Dr. Lin's professionalism in his working manner and how he would explain the procedure to me in such a way that I felt comfortable going through with it. My tooth implant procedure was very smooth and much less painful than I expected. I am very much thankful for Dr. Lin and his team's hard work. I highly recommend Dr. Sherman Lin if you need an implant tooth surgery.
- Qi Wang

I had an implant tooth put in by Dr. Lin about 7 years ago on my upper right side molar. It is still functioning well and never had any problems since. He did a bone graft and an implant placement all at the same visit, and I received my tooth about 4 months later. I don't recall any significant pain after the surgery, nor any noticeable swelling. I would recommend it to anyone who needs it done.
- Robert

5820 Oberlin Dr. Suite 109, San Diego, CA 92121
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