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Dr. Sherman Lin DDS

Private Mentor Program

Forward Statement:

The advent of better surgical techniques, instruments, implant designs, and deeper understanding of implant site healing have made dental implant treatments a well-established treatment modality and a standard of care today. We owe it to our patients to inform or provide them of this alternative treatment option. As a dental practitioner who has embarked on the continuous journey of dental implant learning and practice, I'm fully aware of the confusions in the understanding and practices of dental implant treatments that some of the starting out practitioners may face. I, therefore, offer those practitioners a mentor program that will guide them from initial treatment planning phase all the way to the final restoration of dental implant treatment.

Dr. Lin is a clinical instructor of Live Dental Implant Surgery Program

Mentor program

This is a very hands on program where you are the surgeon placing implants on your own patient . I will guide you trough out the entire process, if need be, I will intervene.
I can also perform the surgery for you and you act as an observer or assistant. The choice is yours.

Treatment planning phase: Patient selection review, surgical techniques and options will be discussed.

Clinical phase: Placing and restoring implants on patient with supervision. This can be done either at your office or mine.

Consultation is free.
$280 for 3D CBCT scan at my office.
$500 / hour clinical time.
*Travel expenses will be added if necessary.

Published Articles

   3 Clinical Cases - "Sinus Augmentation with Immediate Implant Insertion"

  2 Clinical Case Reports - "Evaluating the Efficacy of Bone Marrow Aspiration Added to Grafts in Oral Defects"

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