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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How painful is implant?

A: As far as the procedure is concerned, it is no different than having your crowns or extractions done, for you will be numbed under local anesthetics. We have never yet placed a patient under neither general anesthesia, nor IV sedations to perform majority of the implant therapies. A very common response from our patient is that it was much better than they have anticipated. Majority of them stated that is was better then having a root canal treatment done or wisdom teeth extracted, for the lingering discomfort of such mentioned procedures can linger for weeks.

Q: Am I too old to have dental implants?

A: There is no absolute age contraindication for dental implant. As long as the patient is in good medical health, they are candidates for dental implants. The oldest patient we have successfully placed dental implants is 80 years old.

Q: How successful is it? Or how long does it last?

A: Like your own teeth, dental implants can last a life time as long as you maintain your hygiene and medical health. The success rate of dental implant is well above 95 % in documented research data and in our own clinical data. The failed cases usually happen within the first year, majority of it is due to peri-implant infection and mal-occlusion. But almost 100% of the failed cases achieve success after 2nd reimplantation.

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